Saturday, May 25, 2019

Mailboat Jumper Tryouts

In lake Geneva, Wisconsin, there are plenty of people living in houseboats, and they all have mailboxes. When the mailboat comes around, it doesn't stop at each one. Rather, a "mailboat jumper" jumps off the boat, delivers mail, picks up outgoing mail, and jumps back on the boat, which keeps moving. It takes rhythm, energy, and skills to keep up. I hope the pay is good. (via Neatorama)


xoxoxoBruce said...

But bad weather? Ice, snow, even just rain.

Anonymous said...

👴🏻looks like a fun job for high school/college kids jejeje

provided they don't break thar respective necks or ankles

Bicycle Bill said...

Bruce, it only runs during the summer months (June 15 thru Sept 15).

The 'mailboat' run is actually one of the regularly-scheduled cruises of the lake operated by Gage Marine (owner of the Lake Geneva Cruise Line), which means you can actually take a tour of the lake by boat and watch the action up close and personal.  Ir leaves the Lake Geneva docks at 10:00 AM daily and circles the lake in about 2 and a half hours.  It's a very popular attraction, and generally sells out daily, so if you're interested get tickets early so as not to be disappointed.

And it's true — the boat comes up to the docks and does *NOT* stop, so sometimes the mail-jumper does not manage to get back in time and the boat has to circle back around for the highly-embarrassed delivery person.  And there are the rare occasions when they mis-time their jump or otherwise don't get back on board cleanly and it's "Man overboard!!" time!!