Thursday, May 23, 2019

Neural Network Racing Cars Around a Track

CodeBullet has been experimenting with artificial intelligence. Can he teach a neural network to race cars around a virtual track? There's honestly not a lot of "teaching" going on here, but some sort of natural selection. The cars that go the furthest before crashing get to reproduce, and what do you know, their progeny does even better! From the video description:
Teaching a neural network to drive a car. It's a simple network with a fixed number of hidden nodes (no NEAT), and no bias. Yet it manages to drive the cars fast and safe after just a few generations. Population is 650. The network evolves through random mutation (no cross-breeding). Fitness evaluation is currently done manually as explained in the video.

So, if you are set on getting a self-driving car, you might want to wait until version 4.0 comes out. (via reddit)

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