Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

The Provocations of Biking. There are injuries to be had outside of wrecks.

David Letterman, my hero. Raam Wong shares his memories of the TV host whose final show is tonight.

For the Highest-Paid C.E.O.s, the Party Goes On.

45 Photos Of Black Graduates Guaranteed To Make You Say “YAAASS.” That’s a lot of joy on one page.

How Much of Your Life Has the U.S. Spent at War? The Washington Post made a table for American born in the past 100 years. (via Digg)

Ridiculously Cute Clouded Leopard Quadruplets Born At Tacoma Zoo. They got their first portraits taken at one week old.

Horses Use Their 'Voices' To Convey Their Emotions Just Like Humans Do. Hear an audio example of the difference in positive and negative whinnies.

The 45 Best 30 Rock Insults. They are almost poetry- poetry that cuts deep.

Here's Why Famous Authors Chose Their Fake Names. Some wanted privacy, while others were hiding from the law.

When Gamers Decorate: 7 Awesome Video Game Rooms. You don’t have to have children as an excuse to do this, but kids make it a lot of fun.

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