Friday, May 15, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

The Bats and the Bees. Biology research in South Sudan means dealing with drought, poachers, and bee stings. 

Mad Max: Fury Road: Fast, Thrilling, and (Yes) Feminist. What may be the biggest action movie of the year manages to include women the way superhero films don’t.

An Interview with Mad Max: Fury Road Director George Miller. Learn some background on the film before you go and see it.

The Opah Is The First Warm-Blooded Fish Ever Found. Heat generation gives it a real advantage in the cold ocean depths.

Why workaholics are faking longer hours — and what that says about American businesses. It’s easier to cheat the system than to change it.

Oh, help me, I’ve found another simple but addictive game that I will have to practice until I’m good at it. In Twenty, you stack tiles that have the same value until they get to twenty. (via Metafilter)

Revenge Zombies and Necropants: A Brief History of Icelandic Sorcery .

I Hunt Serial Killers: 6 Facts You Thought Movies Made Up.

A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold. Laís Souza was headed to her third Olympics in her second sport when she suddenly became completely paralyzed. 

Went fishing, caught deer. Here’s the story.

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