Friday, February 20, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

The Future of Education is Immersive (as in a Video Game).

See 24 pictures illustrating how incredibly deep the snow is in New England.

My Own Life. Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer.

One reason it’s so important to learn world geography, national geography, and map reading is that you can spot the many times that someone uses a map hilariously wrong. (via mental_floss)

17 Very Very Tiny Kittens. Because it’s Friday, and you need to spend a minute looking at kittens.

The Fearless Black Cowboy of the Wild, Wild West. The tale of Nat Love, otherwise known as Deadwood Dick.

Aerial Photos Show Just How Devastating An Oil Train Derailment Can Be. A three-million gallon oil spill far from any ocean.

It's A Woman's Universe: The Ladies Of Science Fiction. A recommended reading list for an adventurous weekend at home.

The stories from behind the scenes at the SNL 40th Anniversary Show are much more entertaining than the show itself. What else would you expect, when all those big stars get together without scripts?

Remembering Hattie McDaniel. Seventy-five years after her historic Oscar win, has Hollywood really changed?

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