Friday, November 07, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Ask A Forensic Artist. Lisa Bailey shares the process of facial approximation from an unidentified skull.

The True Stories Behind Classic Fairy Tales. Gruesome events became gruesome tales, not meant for children.

How could a laser pointer take down a plane? Planes are pretty tough; pilots, not so much.

Rating the Potential of 15 Upcoming Film-to-TV Adaptations. The chance of all of them being successful is essentially zero.

8 inventions that will revolutionize your kitchen. Or at least make it more fun to work in there.

10 Benefits of Being a Dog Owner. Most of us only need one, but it’s nice to know there’s more.

Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo explain how to tell if someone is possessed by the Ebola.

13 Bizarre Licensed Products Based On Horror Franchises.

8 Creative Ways People Went Over the Berlin Wall.

The True Story of The Elephant Man.


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