Sunday, November 16, 2014

Australian and American Words

You’ve heard it said that The U.S. and England are two countries divided by a common language. You can says that the U.S. and Australia are divided by a common language plus 12,000 miles. Mark and Christi Brown are a bicontinental couple -she’s American, he is Australian- who are teaching us the different words of their different languages. “Australian” as a language is close to British English with some colorful additions and wide-open pronunciations. The words can get confusing sometimes. In the followup video, they address common phrases as well, and we get some stories from their cross-cultural relationship. 

(via Viral Viral Videos)


Vireya said...

So what is the problem with "stroke"? Apart from that there wasn't anything in the videos that was new, but why can't you stroke an animal in the US?

Anonymous said...

We were in New Zed visiting friends, and they threw a party for us. I was having a wonderful conversation with a local, and after about 15 minutes, realized we were talking about two different things....Heh.

Noumenon said...

She's a credit to America, fair dinkum.

soubriquet said...

That's a bit like my everyday life here in texas.... I'm gradually learning what english phrases to avoid.... just learnt a new one.... 'stroke'? Good grief.
But America? If there's no bath in it, it's not the bathroom. If there are no comfortable chairs, it's not a restroom.... Why are you people so inhibited you can't admit you need to excrete?