Friday, August 29, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Titanic: The Movie That Made History.

7 Gross Foods Your Grandparents Ate (That We Taste Tested). They shouldn’t have …even in the ‘60s we knew this stuff wasn’t really edible.

Listen to a Conservative Judge Brutally Destroy Arguments Against Gay Marriage. (via Metafilter)

8 Videos of Cats Doing Un-Cat Like Things.

Paper Dresses and Psychedelic Catsuits: When Airline Fashion Was Flying High.  

47 Incredible Photos Of Parents From Around The World.

Morocco's Secret All-Blue City.

Deer as livestock is somewhat equivalent to raising cattle for beef, but it’s not the most lucrative use of specifically-bred deer. Another kind of deer farm breeds deer for their antlers: the bigger, the better. (via Digg)  

What Life Is Like When You’re Born on a Commune.


Old Geezer said...

Judge Posner has a great talent for cutting to the core of an issue.

Barbwire said...

He sure does! I'm glad to know there's a conservative in the judiciary who has a brain and actually thinks for himself.

Anonymous said...

In light of recent events the photo of a man being held at knife point seems wildly inappropriate.