Thursday, August 21, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

 Help!: The Beatles' Second Movie.

There is a huge difference between how parents prepare black sons and white sons for the event of dealing with police.

Dog Philosophy.

Blood, Fingers, and Genes of Fabulous Financial Traders.

Archaeologist Donna Yates bought one of the first Lego Research Institute sets as soon as they went on sale. She recreates scenes from her own life in archaeology and academia and posts them to her new Twitter account, Lego Academics. (via Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader)

Fark Wants to Ban Misogyny. Is That Even Possible?

I’m a straight woman married to a woman. It hasn’t been easy.

31 Truths About Raising Kids That You Won’t Find In A Parenting Book.

I’ve been seeing this cat’s picture all over the internet, and I just love that snaggletoothed expression! Griffen Von Porkchop has his own Instagram where you can see plenty of pictures, including kitten pics. (via reddit)

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