Monday, October 21, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Great Pics of The Week: Just Plain Horrifying.

Apocalypse Now’s “Ride of the Valkyries” Attack: The Anatomy of a Classic Scene.

Phenakistoscope Images as Gifs. 

Medical students' first experience dissecting a human body. Gross anatomy class is an experience that cannot be replicated by text, MRIs, or computer modeling. (via Digg)

Mechanical Engineers Discovered How the Arapaima Becomes Piranha-Proof.

32 Family Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Want To Have Kids. Trust me, it's easier to just borrow them for a day, or long enough to pose in costume.

Every once in a while, you really need a big truck. But if you don't have one, you have to make do with the vehicle you have.

Patty Dłutkiewicz appeared on morning TV in Poland with two models posing with musical instruments, as if they were playing them. “It is better to look at beautiful models pretending to play the guitar than ugly musicians who actually play the guitar.”

A bovine Bonnie and Clyde escaped from their trip to the slaughterhouse in Montvale, New Jersey. They were rounded up and rewarded with a life sentence in a petting zoo.

Read about zombies and vampires from different cultures in 8 of the Undead from Around the World. And then more in 9 of the Undead from Around the World.

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