Thursday, June 26, 2008

Informative Links

Burial Ceremonies From Around The World.

21 Incredibly Practical Tips to Survive the 'Real World' (A Must-Read for Any New College Grad). Although you really should have learned them in high school or earlier.

The Itch. You've never had an itch like the one that caused a woman to scratch through her skull and into her brain. Or have you? (via Metafilter)

It took five years, the deaths of 4,100 US soldiers, and the wounding of 30,000 more to make Iraq safe for Exxon. (via J-Walk Blog)

When you feel like your life is hard, remember this guy and his story.

Fathering in America: What’s a Dad Supposed to Do? (via Interesting Pile)

Gay couples can't have biological kids together. So if homosexuality is genetic, why hasn't it died out? Slate explains the fascinating theory of "sexually antagonistic selection."

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