Monday, January 22, 2007

Recommended links

Eight months later, I still haven’t heard from Blogger support, but with the advent of Blogger2, it looks like my site is back in business! However, I’ve since established my domain over at Squarespace, so you are invited to check my main site Miss Cellania for fresh humor and links on a different subject each day. If you’d like to link or bookmark the new site, please use the URL Thanks!

Other recommended links:

A video that made me laugh til tears came out my eyes.

A video collection of the funniest Bohemian Rhapsody video parodies.

The history of penis worship. NSFW!

Why they think Americans are stupid.

A really fun meme from the Grumpy Old Bitches.

The amazing performance of Makoto Nagano, winner of the Ninja Warrior competition. Major eye candy, too!

Check out the new blog Freedom’s Place, where I am a team member.

When cats attack.

This Japanese TV show may seem like just another production number, until the clothes start coming off!

Where are they now? -The Teens Idols of the Seventies.

Underdog Animals. Like David vs. Goliath, sometime cajones will make up for lack of size, skills, or the natural order of things.


Saskboy said...

Good to see it's working again. Wait until it goes to Blogger Gamma, then we're ALL SCREWED!

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