Saturday, July 06, 2019

The World's Most Dangerous Toy

You've probably heard about the Atomic Energy Lab Kit, a science kit that enabled kids to experiment with uranium. Now, thanks to Atlas Obscura, we get to take a look inside this disturbing toy. Sure, it was educational, but it was also radioactive. The kit was only available for a couple of years, but the reason it was discontinued was, surprisingly, not because of the danger. (via Nag on the Lake


SnowMan said...

Had not heard of this before. (I would have liked one.) Thanks for sharing!

Bicycle Bill said...

"...not because of any radioactivity concerns, but rather because it was expensive.  It was fifty dollars... and in 1950, fifty dollars is the equivalent of about five hundred and twenty dollars by today's standards.  And that's pretty expensive."

True enough, but many people today will drop that much and more on a current model of smartphone, which they then will give into the hands of kids about the same age as the children this science lab kit was intended for.