Thursday, May 16, 2019

Burger King Will Deliver Food to Drivers Stuck in Mexico City Traffic Jams

Mexico City is one of the worst in the world for traffic jams, and commuters there can expect an extra hour a day in their cars because of it. That "captive audience" got the attention of Burger King. They monitor traffic and have a campaign to target drivers via Waze and banner ads that can be changed instantly and are location-specific.
The hamburger chain recently introduced the “Traffic Jam Whopper,” a delivery platform that brings Burger King food to people stuck in traffic, reports AdAge. Basically, peckish people sitting in their cars while Mexico City traffic crawls along can use the Burger King app to order food and have it delivered right to their car via a courier.
This could turn "Honey, I'll be late for dinner because of traffic," into "Don't wait dinner, I've already eaten." But does it seem a little creepy that your local fast food place now has the ability to find you in your car while you're stuck in traffic? Read more about the scheme at Jalopnik.

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