Friday, March 09, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Secrets of the Avocado. Read them with some guacamole and chips.

Lives Bound Together: Slavery at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. The stories of the people enslaved by the father of our country is told in a new exhibition at Washington's home.

This Is Where Your Childhood Memories Went. Neuroscience is beginning to trace the causes of childhood amnesia.(via Metafilter)

A Glimpse Into the Bureaucratic Hell of Denying Health Insurance Claims.

No, Getting a Hole Drilled in Your Head Was Never a Migraine Cure. There were plenty of other reasons for trepanation.

Tales From A Hollywood Child Wrangler. Child actors are a different breed, but the kids are doing their best.

Here’s What It’s Like To Be the Face of a National Movement When You’re a Senior in High School. Emma González is afraid she doesn't deserve to go to college.

Viola Desmond, the New Face on the Canadian $10 Bill. She fought discrimination that wasn't encoded in Jim Crow laws, but was enforced in roundabout ways.

A Florida middle school teacher will keep his job after an investigation found he used a racial slur in front of students more than once and told them not to date black boys. Is this who we want teaching our children?

I've seen a lot of "Reylo" fan fiction comics, but this one is the goofiest so far.


gwdMaine said...

That's a big Hass Avocado you've got there Miss C.
Since it's a fruit, does that make guacamole a smoothie?
And if it gets blessed by the pope is it then Holy Guacamole?

Happy Friday!

Miss Cellania said...

I'm no avocado expert -I don't even like them! Happy Friday, gwdMaine!

Bruce M said...

@gwdMaine lololololololol