Friday, October 18, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The First African-American Major League Baseball Player. It wasn't Jackie Robinson.

Behold, the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner! The dish won the Most Creative award at the Texas State Fair.

The 25 Most Suspenseful Movies Ever Made. 

Sure, alcohol leads to campus rape, but whose fault is that?

Kentucky is leading the way in making Obamacare work

The Panda Cam Is Back, And Happiness Returns To The Universe. The new cub has grown and gained two pounds since the government shutdown darkened the feed.

You might be sick of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," but that's only because you've never heard it sung completely in Klingon. We can fix that.

Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame obsolete? Inducting artists from 25 years ago means that many up for inclusion this year are not rock and rollers at all.

11 Lessons That Jane Eyre Can Teach Every 21st Century Woman About How To Live Well. The underlying feminist philosophy was way ahead of its time.

The 5 Scariest Buildings in America. Knowing what happened inside can give you nightmares.


Old Geezer said...

I read your Neatorama article regarding campus rape and would like to add some thoughts. Let me preface by stating that I do not agree with the concept of blaming the victim. These young women are victims and their attackers are most likely members of a privileged, self-entitled class not unlike the jocks who seem to think that they can get away with anything because of whom they perceive themselves to be.

That said, I feel it is still important to arm young women with such safeguards as knowing when to abstain or refrain from drinking along with the ability to distinguish when someone is setting them up to be taken advantage of. You appear to be doing this with your own daughters for which you are to be congratulated. You express the sentiment that you cannot do it for everyone's daughter. I feel that you can, however, prepare and encourage your daughters to mentor other young women with whom they have contact to spread the message. Peer opinions work better than teaching from generation-to-generation when the message is restraint.

No, we do not want to blame the victim. However, it is simply good advice not to walk down dark alleys with Hundred Dollar bills hanging out of our pockets. My parents taught me to look for the fire exit whenever I went into a theatre. While I've never been in a theatre when it caught fire, I'm still prepared for the off chance that that could happen.

Lastly, your article and the general conversation seems to be centered around the plight of young women. It is equally as important to focus on the young men who are being raised to think that anything goes and dad will hire a lawyer to bail me out. If boys AND girls are taught that such behavior is unacceptable and, more importantly, there are consequences for it, perhaps rape will descend back down into the slimy pit from which it has emerged.

Miss Cellania said...

Well put. Thanks, Old Geezer!