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From 1952. (via Undine)

First Exposure to Southern Lingo

I often write about the difference between British English and American English, but the differences in dialect among the 50 United States is just as wide sometimes. Marshall Patrick illustrates this as he acclimates a new co-worker from outside the South. He doesn't know the words Southerners use yet. While we get the humor, it is hilariously undermined by the fact that Patrick is playing both parts, and he can't turn off his natural Southern accent long enough to play a Midwesterner. There are more stories like this in the YouTube comments. I particularly like this one.

When I joined the Air Force I got stationed in Washington DC. I said "You ought not had to do all that" and nobody understood. I had to rephrase it "Thank you. You shouldn't have" Lol
Now that I have one kid in the Midwest and one in the Deep South, I love to see how their language has diverged. They understand each other perfectly, but can laugh when they hear the other use terms they haven't heard in quite some time.


Everything That Happened After Al Capone Went To Prison

Everyone knows the name Al Capone, and we all know he was a Chicago mob boss during Prohibition. Due to his mobsters' loyalty, corrupt deals with city officials, and the goodwill of the common people he helped out, federal agents could never get enough evidence to convict him of bootlegging or murder. They eventually imprisoned him for tax evasion, and that's you know about Al Capone. His story ends with prison, illness, and death.

But what did he leave behind? What happened to Capone's many family members? Or the gang he left behind in Chicago? A video fro Weird History runs down the folks Capone left behind, and their stories vary immensely

Race Etiquette

(Thanks, WTM!)

6 Food Dishes I Only Discovered After Moving to America

Laurence Brown lived half his life in the UK before marrying an American, immigrating, and becoming a US citizen. His series Lost in the Pond focuses on the cultural differences between Britain and the US, with the iconic dry humor Brits are known for. In this episode, he talks about the strange and alien foods he discovered in America that aren't eaten across the pond. They are:

1. Clam chowder (there is cockle soup, mostly an Irish dish)
2. Meat loaf (although his images look more like deli loaf)
3. Chicken fried steak (simply a confusing name for breaded steak)
4. Cornbread (corn is to America as rice is to Asia)  
5. Biscuits and gravy ("biscuits" in British English means cookies)
6. Tacos (the lead player in Mexican-American cuisine)

And to think some people say that America doesn't have a unique cuisine. To be fair, most Americans are not familiar with British dishes such as Yorkshire pudding, black pudding, toad in the hole, kidney pie, and spotted dick. Some of us consider that a good thing. There's a one-minute skippable ad at 4:19.

Miss Cellania's Links

Find the Girls on the Negatives: The Shocking Origins of Beautiful Photos Found in a Thrift Store.  (via Strange Company)

A Scientist’s Quest to Decode Vermeer’s True Colours. (via Damn Interesting)

The Mugger and the Social Media Influencer.

Photographer Meticulously Recreates Images of Chickens Painted by Edo-Era Artist Ito Jakuchu. (via Everlasting Blort)

The Evolution of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’

How Fly Me to the Moon Pokes Fun at Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories. The new Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum film presents an alternative history in which government officials prepared to fake the moon landing before NASA pulled off the feat for real.

A Do-It-Yourself Haunted House Tour in the Basement.

A Real-Life Contest Challenged Gamers to Beat George Costanza’s Frogger Score.

A Bug’s Life: David and Marian Fairchild’s Book of Monsters (1914). Taking pictures of insects back then was a challenge that required thinking outside the box. (via Nag on the Lake)

Black Holes

The Fresh Tank Engine

Today I found out that mixing the theme from Thomas the Tank Engine with other songs is a thing. This version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is pretty smooth. See more remixes here. (via Neatorama)

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The Existential Dread of False Ceilings

The first house I bought was a fixer-upper. I proclaimed that the first thing to go would be those awful drop ceilings and fluorescent lights. Once I moved in, I got a good look at what the suspended ceiling was hiding. Underneath was all the electrical wiring for the home, which was built before electricity was available. That particular project suddenly looked beyond my capacity, so I worked on other projects. By the time I sold the house many years later, the entire place had been remodeled twice, but the drop ceiling was still there.

Ceilings that have been lowered from the original can look good, but most not only look cheap, they look very sterile and corporate, like the office they must pay you to go to. Keep in mind that they are always hiding something. Stewart Hicks gives us the complete history and purpose of false ceilings and their pop culture implications. Just another thing you may to avoid when looking for a home, or at least make concrete plans for them before you commit. The last couple of minutes of this video are promotional. (via Digg)

A Cosmic Groaner

Redditor terrafarma lives on a small farm, so my guess is that he is responsible for this sign. If you don’t get the joke, you might want to listen to the song. If you get the joke, you’ll love the comment flammablepenguins left underneath.

Julie Newmar

A stray dog came into the care of the Wilbarger Humane Society in Vernon, Texas. She was pregnant, and eventually gave birth to two puppies. The dog was very maternal toward the puppies, but then unfortunately died two days later. The shelter staff went into emergency mode, feeding the puppies by bottle around the clock. But that's not optimum for newborn puppies.

Then Animal Control brought in a stray cat named Julie Newmar who had a week-old kitten named Eartha Kitt. Julie Newmar is less than a year old, but she was a very attentive mother to her kitten. She didn't like the dogs at the shelter. The shelter staff took a chance and put the puppies in a cage with Julie, and she took the puppies in as if they were her own kittens! The cats and dogs will be available for adoption once they are old enough. (via Fark)


Happy Bastille Day!

You's think a French bakery would understand. (via Cake Wrecks)

Making the World a Better Place with Vandalism

One particular exit off the 110 in Los Angeles was both frustrating and dangerous because not only was it a left turn, it lacked a directional sign that would give drivers a chance to get in the left lane! After years of frustration, artist Richard Ankrom took matters into his own hands in 2001, literally, and added the instruction that the traffic sign needed. Ankrom is a professional sign maker, and went to great lengths to make the sign accurate to Caltrans standards and install it in a manner that no one would question. The result was indistinguishable from a genuine officially-sanctioned highway sign.

This act of vandalism immediately improved traffic flow and the peace of mind of the millions of drivers in Los Angeles  looking for I-5. The new sign probably saved lives, too. Did Caltrans investigate this illegal change to their signage? No, they didn't even notice! Drivers were happy with the change, and just assumed it was official. Ankrom was surprised by his success, and eventually 'fessed up to the project about a year later. He even made a documentary about the project, which you can watch here. The stunt got all kinds of publicity, but Akrom wasn't arrested. After all, he did what needed to be done, and everyone was happy about it. Caltrans left Akrom's sign up for eight years before it was replaced with a new sign that has the proper directions. (Thanks, Brother Bill!)


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A Stormtrooper Escort

Nicolas Denton went to Walt Disney World with his family. For the Hollywood Studios Star Wars Experience, he dressed up as Kylo Ren. When a couple of Stormtroopers saw him, they went right on duty, escorting him around the park, parting the crowd, leading him right into the Launch Bay, past crowds of visitors in line, and right into the presence of a much-taller Kylo Ren!

As one of the commenters said, “A fast pass is no match for the power of the dark side.” A good time was had by all. (via reddit)

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