Friday, August 06, 2021

Stop the Presses

President Joe Biden announced the latest jobs report today, which is pretty darn good, but what will the right wing media focus on? That's right, his tan suit. I think he did that on purpose. Remember when Obama wore a tan suit? He looked good in it, but that was a huge scandal. Probably the biggest of his administration.

Although he was hardly the first president to wear one.

And senators, too.

Even W. tried it, somewhat, and only after he left office.

As for our last president, we will have to imagine what he would have looked like in a tan suit. But Biden looks good.

(via Fark)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't wear one to eat spaghetti in, but apart from that, what's wrong with a tan suit?

Kolo Jezdec said...

What am I missing? Wearing a tan suit is controversial?

Anonymous said...

Kolo: it was a made-up controversy to distract from other issues.

Kolo Jezdec said...

Oh, I see. Thanks.

Bruce.desertrat said...

IIRC (it was a century ago in TrumpYears) The big scandal was that Obama wore a tan suit after [gasp!!] Labor day!!!

[Narrator]: Nah, it was because he was Presidenting while Black, like every.other.scandal of the Obama Administration...

Remember Dijon on his burger? (It is, by the way awesome with blue cheese and fresh spinach!)