Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Chased by a Cougar


Under most circumstances, a mountain lion will avoid humans. But they are dangerous cats, and will attack if they are frightened or hungry. Kyle Burgess was running a mountain trail in Utah and saw some cats. He thought they were bobcats, but they were cougar kittens, and their mother was not happy about it. From this rather long sequence -six minutes!- we can gather that she was trying to get rid of him more than wanting to kill him. Kyle had the presence of mind to keep facing the cat, because turning his back could have been deadly. He finally threw a rock, and the cat decided it had chased him enough. (via Digg)

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Bill said...

that cat wasn't intending to attack. it was making a statement "stay away from my kids". the runner could have chased it off a lot sooner if he'd thought of it.