Saturday, March 09, 2019

Daylight Saving Time

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Vireya said...

Last week on a train I overheard a conversation about someone's watch showing the wrong time, and the explanation was, "I don't believe in daylight saving, so I never change my clocks and watch."

hearsetrax said...

jejeje good one Ms C

best $15 I ever spent was on for one of them atomic self setting clocks

now nearly 15 + years later all I have to do is slide the microswitch to DST b4 sack time that night b4 the change and by morning all is correct

David Evans said...

That house move would have to be 700 miles where I live. Cheaper to rotate the sundial.

Don said...

Daylight Savings Time is now 9 months a year.

We could solve the DST arguments by renaming it Standard Time and calling the old Standard Time "Winter Time"

Bicycle Bill said...

I like Don's suggestions ... especially since under the present system, "standard time" runs only for about four months, while Daylight Saving Time runs for almost eight (from early March to early November).