Friday, March 29, 2019

Walkers vs. Standers on Escalators

Common etiquette says that we should stand on the right side of an escalator, so people who are in a hurry can walk past on the left. However, studies show that this method is neither efficient nor safe. So how did we come up with this system, and why is it so hard to get people to change? (via Laughing Squid)


Bicycle Bill said...

Howzabout the fact that most people are right handed and they place their dominant, i.e., right hand on the handrail?

newton said...

In Japan and Australia they drive on the left and also stand on the left of the escalator (except in Osaka for some reason), so I guess they use their non-dominant hand on the hand rail.

It has been said that US, England, and Osaka had announcements of proper etiquette of standing on the left.

I guess the new etiquette is to just stand and to take the stairs if you are in a hurry.

newton said...

(I meant 'proper etiquette of standing on the left, walking on the right').

newton said...

Make that 'standing on the right, walking on the left'--time for bed!