Sunday, January 27, 2019

First Shots

The Cut wanted to fill people who didn't drink alcohol for one reason or another and were willing to try downing shots of liquor on camera for one reason or another. They manage to find three such people. They gave them a shot of whiskey, and then a shot of vodka, and then a shot of tequila (this is starting to sound like the lyrics to "Tubthumping"). A high-speed camera shows their reactions in slow motion. We don't know how long they waited between each drink, but I sure hope they gave them all a ride home after the recording was done. (via Tastefully Offensive


Bicycle Bill said...

"People do this for fun?"
Hell yes, and pay large amounts of money for the privilege, too.

jono said...

What brave and wonderful sports to do that! I would like to buy them all a nice dinner.