Thursday, July 13, 2017

A World Without Net Neutrality

Here's what could happen is we lose net neutrality, although I would guess that the prices would be higher. This leaves out the back end, in that websites like Neatorama (and mine) would not be able to negotiate a ($$$) deal to get onto one of those tiers. Casual websites would go completely out of business, and you'll pay through the nose for others. The money would not go to the websites, either, but to the providers. They should be classified as a utility. What can you do? Let your voice be heard.  (via reddit)


Barbwire said...

Losing net neutrality would be like a hostile takeover of the Internet by business interests who care nothing about the consumer. I have signed many, many petitions.

Anonymous said...

people who sign many many petitions are generally not very bright
case in point.