Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Canine Freestyle and Flyball at Cruft's

Canine Freestyle Dancing has come a long way since we last posted a routine. At the Cruft's Dog Show over the weekend, Lucy Creek and her dog Skiffle King performed a spooky little act to "Danse Macabre" flawlessly. Skiffle not only dances, but sets up the props, too! Creek and Skiffle King took top honors in the Freestyle Heelwork To Music competition. (via Metafilter)


Unknown said...

In can't believe no one has seen fit to comment on this wonderful performance. To be able to respond to so many different audible and visual clues is astounding. Even though border collies are reputed to be very intelligent I doubt that I could learn such an extended, non-repetitive routine. Kudos to both participants. They gat a well deserved Well Done.

Unknown said...

Do you have an e-mail address for them? I would like tto tell them how much I was amazed and enjoyed their performance

Miss Cellania said...

No, but you could probably get a message to them through the dog show. http://www.crufts.org.uk/