Monday, June 29, 2015

John Oliver on Transgender Rights

Is it anyone’s business what transgender people look like naked? We don’t express such desires to anyone else unless we really want to have sex with them. You wouldn’t ask that of the guy who wore a Bruins jersey to your sister’s wedding. John Oliver takes a look at the weird way that the news media -and everyone else- feels entitled to ask the most intimate questions on last night’s episode of the HBO show Last Week Tonight. (via Uproxx)


Barbwire said...

Thank you for posting these clips from John Oliver. I really enjoy them when I have time to watch the whole thing. And I enjoy the parts that are usually all I have time for.

I was teaching in a high school where a young woman who was undergoing the complete physical change checked in. She still had a prominent Adam's apple and veins in her arms, and when she used the girls' bathroom, a near riot broke out. The principal had a representative from the LGBT center come to address the faculty, believing that the adults would help the students understand. Teachers got up and ranted that this was against the Bible, etc. I felt so sorry for the kids who had these adults as their "teachers", for all they would be teaching was intolerance.

Miss Cellania said...

Sadly, there's no reason to believe that local teachers are any more enlightened or tolerant than the average people of any other job.

I told my kids years ago that there is really nothing sacred about a bathroom. They have stalls. Families share them. You'll probably have to share them in a dormitory. And eventually with a spouse and your kids. And that was long before the subject of transgender people even came up.