Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year-end Lists 2014: Internet

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

YouTube stars got together, like they did last year, to mashup the music and memes of 2014. The music is pretty good, but it’s a couple minutes into the video before we see any recognizable memes- and then they are overwhelmed by TV stars. Maybe 2014 on the internet won’t be as memorable as some other years. Or maybe we’re all just a little too jaded. A list of all the folks who contributed can be found at the YouTube page.

Internet Trends of 2014: A Look Back.

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The Year of Outrage.

The 14 Most Indisputable Fan Theories Of 2014.

10 Times Social Media Made the World Better in 2014.

Facebook's 2014 Year In Review

17 people who really overdid it for the vine in 2014.

The 13 most viral hoaxes of 2014. The outrageous ones never passed the smell test.

35 Viral News Stories From 2014 That Were Actually Totally Untrue.

These Are the Most "Liked" Instagram Photos of 2014.

Google’s Year in Search 2014

Google’s stories about the top searches are here.

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