Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The Great Boston Fire.

Murder and Mayhem in Miniature: The Lurid Side of Staffordshire Figurines.

20 Gifs of Nature Being Disgusting. Warning: disturbing.

Cakenweenie: Cakes for Tim Burton's Birthday.

Tara Stacey was scammed by a ticket scalper. Instead of sobbing over it, she wrote a little song for a viral video revenge.

26 Symptoms Of Entering Your Senior Year Of College. It's time to get serious about school before it's all over.

Dubstep cat! Oh, you'll say, "That's not dubstep…" but wait for the drop.

How to avoid being rude (according to 100-year-old etiquette rules). God forbid that boisterous women should draw the attention of impertinent loafers.

6 Complicated Concepts Explained Using Kitchen Items.

Seemingly Mentally Ill Internet Commenter Presumably Functions In Outside World.

1 comment:

Ken D said...

Re: Dubstep Cat
I am very disappointed that you find the torture of an animal entertaining. I hope the cat left a couple of calling cards in his lap.
N.B. I am NOT a cat person.