Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Apples and Oranges: A Comparison.

7 Movies That Are Shameless Ripoffs.

Enter Atari Breakout in the Google Image Search field. You'll be playing your little heart out! (via Daily of the Day)

Benjamin Franklin’s Phonetic Alphabet

See Inside a Butterfly Chrysalis with Micro-CT Scanning Technology. 

Disney has quietly reversed its decision to give Merida from the movie Brave a new look as she joins the group known as the Disney Princesses. The response to the older, sexier, Merida in a sparkly dress drew more outrage than they anticipated.

You remember the sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood. Nottingham still has a sheriff, currently Merlita Bryan, a woman from Jamaica.

15 Photos of Huggable Baby Sloths. Guaranteed to induce the desire to be very good to these animals.

You say you have no one to see the Star Trek: Into Darkness with? No worries; there's several Star Trek dating websites to match you up with another fan.

Florentijn Hofman's celebrated giant inflatable rubber duck has been drawing crowds in Hong Kong Harbor for two weeks. But it deflated overnight Tuesday, possibly a victim of bird flu or fowl play.

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