Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The Groundhog Oscillation: Evidence of Global Change.

At Randall Munroe's What If? blog, we find out what would happen to a typical airplane if it were flown on other planets and the larger moons in the solar system.

From Bomb Victim to Public Garden. Just beautiful.

Check out this restaurant receipt. (via Fark) More on the situation here.

Meet Dug, the giant metal lawn dinosaur of Redwood City, California. Dug dresses up for every holiday in various custom-made costumes.

Baby Musk Oxen Are Surprisingly Adorable. One youngster, er, calf, was nice enough to pose for plenty of pictures to prove it.

10 Incredible Historic Flying Cars. They keep inventing these things, but we still don't use them every day like The Jetsons led us to believe we would.

The Secrets to Not Being a Terrible Writer. Actually, none of these things would be a "secret" if you'd paid attention in English class.

Great Moments in Animal Sports. Because no one dunks, blocks, or passes as well as a golden retriever -at least in the movies.

6 super-dedicated employees. Should we feel sorry for these folks who work so hard, or angry that they make the rest of us look bad?

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