Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

14 Memorable Meals and Menus. From history.

If the Final Season of Breaking Bad Was Written by Dr. Seuss.

Security Firm Launching 'Zombie Apocalypse' Training. (via Fark)

Bushhoppers are African insects that can give you a heart attack if you eat a whole one. But that's just the beginning of their strangeness.

How big can one webcomic panel be? Randall Munroe pushes the limits at xkcd. Click and drag to explore the world, but beware the passing of time. Here's a zoomable version. (via John Walkenbach)

The 50 Most Romantic Photographs Of All Time. Even some modern pictures relate love stories from hundreds of years ago.

Shaun White and 9 More Arrested Olympians. You're on top of the world until you wake up and realize that you're not above the law.

The Hobbit opens in December, but we've got previews, photographs and trailers. The second trailer is out now.

A Survey of Gorgeous Public Restrooms Around the World. Some are so artful you might not find them when you need them!

Distilling 4 decades of Saturday Night Live down to just 10 episodes. That couldn't have been easy, but here are the A.V. Clubs' top picks.

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