Monday, June 01, 2009

Informative Links

Does faking amnesia permanently distort your memory? Or could it be a case of too many lies to keep track of?

The 9 Most Outrageous Outlaw Heroes. I love these types of stories that would've made history classes so much more interesting IF they had been included. (via Gorilla Mask)

The 10 Most Powerful Political Daughters. That's five who have already made a mark and five who have the potential to do so.

McAllen, Texas has the lowest average household income in the nation, but the second-highest health care costs per person. The New Yorker takes a look at why costs are so high and why the residents aren't any healthier than in other towns.

On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired. There are always places to go on the internet, even when there's no place to go in real life.

Escape from North Korea. National Geographic follows some who did just that.

Fifty Years of Space Monkeys. The first primates to survive space travel launched in 1959, followed by chimpanzees and finally astronauts.

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