Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend Links

Anyone can be hot in cyberspace.

Were you checking her out?

Why I won’t buy my 9-year-old a GameBoy for her birthday.

Best headline of the week.

Kymaerica. The strangest geography lesson you’ll ever see.

Ice Ice Bacon.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has combined two of their favorite things: geeky gadgets and sweets, in the Candyfab 4000. It’s a solid freeform fabrication machine that prints three-dimensional objects made of sugar!

Which is bigger, two 8” pizzas, or one 12” pizza? Learn geometry to eat more pizza.

Asian women have a gizmo available that purports to reshape the nose into something more “Western”. This is too sad. (via the Presurfer)

World Footbag Champion.

The Useless Men have some advice in detecting cold cases.

A Postal Post: 6 crazy mail delivery stories.

Miss Lola Rose videotapes her mom’s opinions on just about anything, in small snippets for your enjoyment. I like this woman!

At Miss Cellania, you might like to read up on Spring Chores or Mothers Day.

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