Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Links 5/22

Share your funny parenting moments and win a t-shirt from LTDchix amd Miss Cellania.

Sonification: A Little Data Music.

A Pasta You Can’t Refuse.

Eighteen-year-old is the youngest person to climb all “seven summits”.

Wired’s Ideas to Improve NASA.

The tunnel system underneath Walt Disney World.

Winners of the 2007 Best Visual Illusion Contest.

The US Civil War in four minutes.

The new Rolling Rock Beer ad campaign targets blogs on the cheap.

D-railing (drunk emailing). (via Mental Floss)

LOL President, a place to send your best political macros. Related: LOL Candidates.

What nurses think of Michael Moore’s new movie “Sicko”.

A word from JFK on government secrecy. (via Susie-Q)

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