Thursday, March 01, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Thelma and Louise: The First Female Buddy Picture. Read the story of how the groundbreaking movie was made.
NSA Chief: U.S. Response 'Hasn't Changed The Calculus' Of Russian Interference. Trump will do nothing to keep Putin out of our elections.

Her Biggest Secret Made Her One of a Kind. Merle Oberon hid her ethnic background all her life, and in the process did an end-run around Hollywood's bigotry. 

One of the World’s Most Irreplaceable Books Was Used as a Cutting Board. The 10th-century Exeter book wasn't always seen as a literary treasure.

After a vote Tuesday, Congresspeople can charge taxpayers for bulletproof vests and bodyguards. But they won't do anything about the threats to the rest of us. 

How Does GoFundMe Actually Work? Learn what you need to know before you start passing the hat.

Bijlmer, City of the Future. Lessons from a failed utopian architectural plan in Amsterdam, part one and part two.

How a Sneak Attack By Norway’s Skiing Soldiers Deprived the Nazis of the Atomic Bomb. The raid on the Vemork chemical plant changed history.

Billions of Birds Migrate. Where Do They Go?

We Knew Melania Trump Likely Worked in the U.S. Illegally. Now It Seems Her Parents Got Green Cards Via “Chain Migration.”

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Anonymous said...

A final note about the Bijlmer.
Since property prices in Amsterdam are quite expensive, the Bijlmer is now becoming a cheaper alternative to expats. This is good for de Bijlmer, since more money starts to flow in. It does make property values now more expensive for those that are born there and can't buy the houses that were unpopular just a few years ago...