Wednesday, August 21, 2013

M iss Cellania's Links

Do Hamburger and Salmon Cause Cancer?

7 Mind-Blowing Theories on How Breaking Bad will End.

It's good to see that Allie Brosh's improved pain chart from 2010 has made its way into real clinics.

Can You Identify a Book by Its Word Cloud? How about 25 of them?  (via TYWKIWDBI)

A modern arranged marriage, seventeen years later.

Read what it's like to be inside the Breaking Bad writer's room. We also see some of the story lines that were discarded along the way.

24 Surprising Facts About Cheers You May Not Know. Imagine a hotel in Barstow run by a retired football player, which is what it could have been.

Olympic sprinter Carlin Isles is now a rugby player. The way he burns up the field will make rugby recruiters look for more track runners.

The Internet’s 9 Most Hated Companies. The list contains horror stories that shouldn't happen to anyone.

The lingering, devastating impact of bullying. A new study confirms what many childhood victims already know -you don't get over it that easily.

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