Monday, January 07, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Evan began a lifetime of giving when he was seven years old and saved his allowance to donate to a cat shelter. That brought him more joy than all the candy his money could have bought.

The Haka.

Pedagogy of the Depressed: my experiences as a special ed student in the 1990s.

A child's first birthday cake is a glorious treat. But no one trusts them to eat with a proper fork, so the photographs are glorious, too.

Mesmerizing Hand-Drawn Animations Made With White-Out. Artist Jake Fried puts many layers on one canvas, which results in simply astonishing video sequences.

A Michigan firefighter took a year of helmet-cam footage and presents the highlights of 2012. Terrifying and heroic, with some NSFW language.

13 delightful images of balloon sellers from around the world. No matter where you are, balloons bring a smile to your face.

8 Successful People Grateful They Got Canned. Sometimes, life forces you to change direction and become what you were meant to be.

How the Calorie Content of Food is Determined.

How Many Minimum-Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford a Decent Life? (via Breakfast Links


SteveC said...

Even though I am a Irish rugby supporter I do like seeing the haka.
Here is a youtube clip showing the All Blacks (New Zealand) performing the haka before the 2003 Rugby World Cup match with Tonga. Tonga has their own tribal war dance, the Sipi Tau, and Tonga interrupts the Haka to perform it. Brilliant. Great spectacle for the supporters and it really fires up the teams as well.

Miss Cellania said...

I love that video! Thanks, SteveC!

SteveC said...

If you like that Haka, you should like these as well.
I assume the haka is to intimidate. Some teams aren't.
France get upclose
Wales refuse to stand down

My favorite, Ireland get friendly