Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

What Are They Doing? My Visit to a Psychology Conference.

El Dorado: The truth behind the myth. (via Look At This)

2012 Nikon Small World in Motion Competition.

Abraham Lincoln's second Inaugural Ball in 1865 was a lavish affair for 4,000 people with a midnight buffet. Which turned into somewhat of a food fight.

The security team at Verizon had a case study about a guy who outsourced his own job and then spend all day at work having fun on the internet.  

How the entire television universe is linked together through the character of Detective John Munch. With extra links that could suck up your entire day.

Photographer Tadao Cern turned a leaf blower on his subjects before he took their portraits, The results are remarkable in that the models didn't kill him either then or when they saw the pictures.

The story of how Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o lost his girlfriend to leukemia has been covered by every sports journal on the planet. And now it turns out that she never even existed.

The Sundance Film festival opens today. Here are 13 of the featured films you should see sooner or later.

A young transgender documented her 3-year transition from male to female in a thousand photographs of her face. Here they are in a fast-moving video showing the gradual yet substantial changes.

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Minnesotastan said...

The transgender video is fascinating. Thanks for finding and posting it.