Sunday, December 16, 2012

NASA Johnson Style

It has been 5 days since I posted the last "Gangnam Style" parody, as I promised not to unless it's awesome, which this one is! Produced by the students of NASA's Johnson Space Center, the video is full of rocket scientists, astronauts, and astrophysicists doing what they do. The guy in the background at 1:55 might best express your feelings about the song, but stay with it as this one is out-of-this-word -literally, with footage of the ISS included. The reworked lyrics are at the YouTube page. (via Wired)


T Whelan said...

Mrs Cellina I train people at JSC. I am a Sonographer. I wake up every morning with coffee and your cat picture of the day. I have a cat at my feet at this moment. Gerard picked me up recently. I am a science blogger. I would never want to see a penguin fall down again. Love your diligence. Gizz

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks, T!