Thursday, December 13, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

A Few Things About Frank Sinatra.

Why This BuzzFeed v. The Oatmeal Fight Actually Does Matter.

The 5 Greatest Accomplishments by Men With Stupid Names.

How Does Your Internet Service Provider Rank for Speed?

A Note to You, Should You Be Thinking of Asking Me to Write For You For Free. John Scalzi still gets those requests, believe it or not.

Christmas Tree Decorating by Child Age. (via Tastefully Offensive)

10 Disney Songs Sung In The Characters' Native Tongues. Eighteen years later, even in Zulu, The Circle of Life still makes me cry.

Fascinating Prom Portraits from Across America. The awkward coming-of-age ritual was documented with a Polaroid Land camera by photographer Mary Ellen Mark for her book Prom.

Watch the Largest Glacier Break-Up Ever Caught On Film. It is estimated that 4.5 cubic miles of the glacier near Greenland fell off in one event.

‘Thanks for Ruining My Life.’ A sexual assault victim may go to jail for defying a gag order while her attackers won't, in a case that pits free speech against the juvenile justice system.


Anonymous said...

Why would people ask other people to write for them for free?
Any takers?

(for free of course)


Al Denelsbeck said...

So, in the same post that features a piece about writing for free, you link to the Huffington Post's reprint of a Guardian article?

Go. To. The. Source.

Miss Cellania said...

It's a video. The Guardian still gets the hits.

But I will change it. Some of these links are copied from my daily mental_floss column, in which I am obligated to post from a set list of sources.