Sunday, June 21, 2020

Tweet of the Day

The good news is that the fewer attendees, the fewer COVID-19 cases we'll see in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed). I'm not staying up late enough to read what Trump said during the rally.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Please Goddess let this be the beginning of his end.

Bicycle Bill said...

His Sunday tweetstorm should be something to read, just to see what sort of BS nonsense he posts to try to 'explain' this away.  He's already blaming "bad people outside" claiming they were blocking access to the metal detectors.

Then there's the fact that the mayor of Tulsa, citing the unrest in numerous American cities over the past few weeks and as well as reports of "individuals from organized groups who have caused destructive and violent behavior in other states ... planning to travel to Tuls for purposed of causing unrest in and around the rally", had declared a 'civil emergency' and implemented a curfew for the event (the curfew was later rescinded), so he's going to also be a target of the Lyin' King's wrath.

And you can be sure he's also going to go to one of his favorite whipping boys, the media, and blame them for blowing the COVID potential all out of proportion and frightening people away.


DWVR said...

The story, which the Corporate Media has been reluctant to admit, was that hundreds of thousands of teenagers (mostly via TikTok) trolled the ticket site, reserving tickets! For that reason the Coward-In-Chief and his sycophants truly believed that more than a million people had reserved tickets... because America loves him. They set up outdoor stands for the overflow crowds! Owned by teenagers. Meanwhile, hardly any protestors showed up, local organizers told everybody to celebrate Juneteenth instead.

xoxoxoBruce said...

It's way too early to declare a victory and go home. Hillary was a sure thing at this point. Then the Republican campaign tricksters went to work after labor day and it all fell apart. So don't get smug, don't assume anything, and don't let your guard down.

Anonymous said...


Bicycle Bill said...

DWVR — it's not like there was a limited number of tickets and these Tik-Tokkers and K-pop fans scarfed up most of them.  These tickets were FREE and UNLIMITED. Why else would Trump set up overflow outside seating for 40,000 as well as above and beyond those who were able to get into the main venue which held roughly 20K?  So the point to take away is that anybody who held a ticket and wanted to be there would have still been able to get in.  But they weren't.

Keep in mind too that if Trump said that he HAD sent out an excessive amount of tickets — and by the way, we're talking Donald Trump here; if he says there were a million requests for tickets I'd be more willing to believe that it was no more than a hundred thousand, if even that many. But even if there were 100K tickets out there, it was still first come, first served entrance, so if you wanted to be inside to see your idol you would have been there several hours ahead of time to make sure you were in the first 10,000 or so.  But there were no long lines or a significant number of early arrivals, were there?

Sure, this may be a one-time anomaly, and maybe Trump can still draw a crowd that would rival a Beatles reunion tour.  He's got another appearance — a "Students for Trump" 'convention' at which he is supposed to speak — scheduled for Phoenix on Tuesday.  The venue — an auditorium at the Dream City Church in that city — holds 3000.  Let's see how that one plays out.


Bicycle Bill said...
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Bicycle Bill said...

In response to "anonymous" — Remember the movie "Major League"? They hired about a thousand extras and packed them all into one or two sections, and then used tight-in shots and other Hollywood tricks, such as having them change shirts and filming the same individuals in different sections, then stitching it all together to make it appear that the stadium was filled to the gills.

With that in mind, here's a link to a picture of the ENTIRE venue — as opposed to the up-close, 'front row only' shot that you linked to.