Thursday, April 30, 2020

How To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

When I saw the title, I thought this would be about making the haul from your weekly trip to the grocery store last an entire week. But no, this is about food storage for people who have more food than they can consume immediately. Honestly, I never knew that anyone used less than a can of tomato paste. Still, this is good advice for people who need it, because I already knew some of these things. (via Digg)


WilliamRocket said...

That peanut butter ... I couldn't quite see where it came from, but it looks like one of the cheap brands that come from China.
When I go to the supermarket I like to check where products are made ... here in NZ, at least, peanut M&Ms are made in China, says so on the packet, quite proudly,... probably not tainted with Corina but who knows, lol, but for sure nobody from my country is getting a wage making them so that's them off the list then.
There are a whole lot of products on the shelves that are made in foreign countries and even Griffin's, a New Zealand company, now sells biscuits made in Fiji, Thailand and Slovakia.
For me if a packet doesn't say New Zealand made I don't buy it, of course we are a small country and some things are not made here, so I allow Australian made if I have to.
Call me xenophobic if you will, but nice clean, made in NZ, keeping local people working is my choice, do you do the same in the USA ?

Miss Cellania said...

As far as food goes, the US produces megatons of food, so imported groceries are rare. Some kinds of food just don't grow well here, like coffee and bananas from Central America and avocados from Mexico. While chocolate is grown in Africa, it is assembled into candy here. So food is almost all American, even if it is not exactly "local." Now, the US imports a lot of durable goods, like clothing, electronics, and vehicles, but I rarely buy those things new. Some Americans look for the "Made in the USA" label while others don't.

xoxoxoBruce said...

We have "fresh" produce year round because it comes from South America and Southern Africa in the winter.

WilliamRocket said...

Ah, yes, coffee ... well there goes my xenophobia, can't live without cappuccino, lol.