Monday, January 29, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Science Explains Why You Are Not a “Morning Person.” Unless, of course, you are one.

The Ethical Pain of Separating Conjoined Twins. Goldstein said the separation surgery, knowing one twin would die, was the first time he cried in the operating room. (via Damn Interesting)

The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017.

Visit a Beard That Killed Its Owner. Hans Steininger's beard was over four and half feet long, and you can still see it 450 years later.

The Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time. A truly great villain has some kind of charm that gives you the willies, because good and evil aren't as simple as we'd like to think. (via BroBible)

12 Idioms That Get Lost in Translation. Check out the tomato glasses, singing apples, and cooked carrots (and what they mean).

The Troubling Origins of the Skeletons in a New York Museum. Should victims of the Herero genocide be reburied or displayed to tell their story? (via Metafilter)

Why Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story Remake Is an Important Opportunity

Keep Up With Super Bowl Ads With the Super Bowl LII Ad Tracker. See the best part of the game before the game without having to watch the game.

The Rise and Fall of the Pop Star Purity Ring. Corporate backing make it happen. 

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