Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

A Plea for Nostril Research.

Runaway Money. The strange story of Albert Clarke, who inherited all the royalties from Goodnight, Moon. (via Metafilter)

Desert Woodrats Use Gut Microbes for Detox. Ed Yong tells of a case in which a species leapfrogs generations of evolution by getting microbes to do it for them. 

The World's Largest Aquatic Insect May Have Been Found, And It Will Haunt Your Dreams. You can’t even hold it in your hand -as if you’d want to.

Make Fun Of The Mistakes Of Geniuses With These Classic Jeopardy! Bloopers. Yes, that one with Ken Jennings is included.

13 Insane Fair Foods You Need To Eat This Summer. Not all in the same day, of course; that could be fatal.

Living With Disability in the Dark Ages. The lack of documentation could mean it wasn’t considered so far out of the ordinary.

Life for Mick Jagger in his 20s must’ve been an amazing ride. Here are 30 photographs that prove it was so.

The 11 worst fast food restaurants in America. A survey of customers shows that bigger is not always better.

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Barbwire said...

I am blown away by the article about the heir to the income from Goodnight Moon! Words fail me.