Monday, February 17, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Lyndon Johnson: The President Who Marked His Territory.

The Perfect Valentines Day. This may start out by seeming a little sad, but it quickly becomes altogether adorable.

Would winning $800 or more turn a liberal into a right-winger?

#SoWhiteOutside is the funniest part of last week's awful snowstorm. Except for the nasty backlash.

Tom Perkins Is Willing to Say What the Rest of the Ultrarich Are Secretly Thinking. Not only  is the 1% a persecuted minority, but they should have more political power than they do.

What In The World Do Those Weird Figure Skating Terms Mean? 

The Best and Worst Fictional Presidents From TV and Film. More exciting, more heroic, and certainly sexier than the real ones.

The 11 Weirdest Moments In Robocop History You May Have Forgotten About. Trying to cash in by making the franchise family-friendly led to total 1980s surrealism.

Why Do Kitties Do The Weird Things They Do? Honestly, do they need a better reason than to give us something to laugh at?

The samurai secret to always being at your best. It’s the trick that allows the mind to be in control of all else.

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DUKE said...

Hi!, been a long time! How y'all? Just happened to tune in when you blogged one of my favorite subjects: Samurai. Great article, thanx! Continue having fun!!! Love to all!