Friday, January 24, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Oliver Hardy: The Fat One. 

To Be Takei Traces George Takei’s Journey From Japanese Internment Camps to Cultural Icon. Read an interview with Takei about his life.

If The Little Mermaid Was A Cat Lady.

Oh God for one more breath.

What’s Your Home State’s Signature Cocktail? The history and ingredients of a drink for each state are listed for your convenience.

Where Are They Now: Checking In on Earth’s 25 Active Missions. We Earthlings are spread out all over the solar system!

The Swedish town of Luleå is becoming famous for its incredible ice orchestra. They play in an igloo, on instruments made of ice!

The Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning. If I ever find a cast-iron skillet I can afford, I'll need this information.

A New Theory May Explain How Life Began.

When Parents Yank Their Kids Out of Standardized Tests. (via Metafilter

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