Monday, December 23, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Chasing the Cicada: Exploring the Darkest Corridors of the Internet.

How to defend yourself when your photo is ridiculed on Reddit. You go, girl!  (via the Daily Dot)

How America abandoned its “undeserving” poor.

A new TV show tells the story of a 440-pound man who sent his girlfriend to the hospital the first time he had sex. The actual guy from the story showed up in the reddit thread to expand on the story. 

Things You Didn't Know About Reindeer. Like how their pee breaks became a unit of measurement.

What happened when a troupe of dancing drag queens joined a Christmas parade in Alabama. Everyone either loved it or hated it -no middle ground.

What's the best gift you can give your dog? Maymo received 210 empty bottles last year, and had the time of his life with them!

Guess what the most annoying word in America is. Go on and guess. I'm sure you'll agree with the answer.

The Christmas truce. It wasn't an official truce, but in 1914, British and German soldiers laid down their guns for a day and played soccer with each other.

Jewish Christmas Traditions. Even those who reject all manner of Christmas celebration have developed traditions for Christmas Day out of sheer pragmatism.

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