Friday, March 16, 2018

This Evil Chemical Reacts with Nearly Anything

It's a little strange to hear a chemist refer to a compound as "angry" or "vicious," much less "evil." But after seeing how manganese heptoxide reacts to everything, I can see that the adjective "volatile" doesn't quite do the job. Wikipedia says that manganese heptoxide is "more often discussed than intentionally prepared." YouTuber styropyro (Drake Anthony) mixes some up to show us why. This chemical hates everything. Even heat. Well, except for glass or ceramic, since otherwise you wouldn't have a container to make it in. No wonder he calls it a "demon molecule"! (via Digg)

Update: The original video is gone, since styropyro got suspended from YouTube for two weeks. Here's an older video in its place.

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newton said...

The link doesn't appear to work, though maybe this is the same thing:

This link may go away too, because styropyro mentions that he may get banned from Youtube, where they apparently think chemistry videos are too dangerous.