Monday, January 01, 2018

Year-end Lists 2017: Looking Ahead to 2018

21 Ways To Be A Little More OK In 2018.

16 Surefire Predictions For 2018.

Crystal Ball: What will happen next year? 

13 Things to Look Forward To (or Fear) in 2018.

The Pessimist's Guide to 2018. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

18 crazy things that will happen in 2018.

Donald Trump’s 2018 Plans Involve A Lot Of Campaigning, Rallies And Midterm Election Visibility.

Nine Innovators to Watch in 2018.

Social Media Predictions For 2018: Shopping, AI, And Maybe Even A Soul.

2018: the year that America's ISPs hiked their prices.

Six Volcanoes That Volcanologists Are Watching in 2018. 

All Of The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2018.

From Black Panther to X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018.

The 39 Must See Movies of 2018.

The 39 games we can’t wait to play in 2018.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2018. Browse the ways that Ultra Violet can be used at Pantone.

After being sucker punched by the past two years, we should approach 2018 ready to fight back, like webcomic artist Sarah Andersen.

See all the year-end lists here. We'll do it again next year, God willing.

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