Friday, January 05, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

A Brief History of Brain Surgery.

Gerry Conway breaks down The Last Jedi as an analogy for three generations

Why War Reporters Wear Flak Jackets and Fake Wedding Rings. Safety and cultural expectations are different for women journalists.

Statistical proof that voter ID laws are racially discriminatory.

Top 10 Isaac Newton Inventions. The young polymath was busy with plenty of projects outside the theory of gravitation.

Arcade Scam Science. Mark Rober looks at the science of timing and why you rarely beat arcade games.

All the Ways Your Smartphone and Its Apps Can Track You. You might be surprised at what those privacy policies actually promise.

Before Apple, Steve Jobs Was an Acid-Gobbling, Horticulturalist Commune Dweller. The musical utopian farm he frequented put Jobs to work growing apples.

Watch The Beatles's Faces Change From 1960 to 2017. There was no year without music to accompany each shift.

How Will Gender Equality Change Dating? Research shows we are already starting to adjust to freedom from cultural mating preferences.

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gwdMaine said...

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You can learn more about this tracking technology at  Snopes

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