Thursday, January 11, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Black Friday 1889: The Johnstown Flood. The most famous disaster in American history earned its reputation.

The Cars People Keep For 15 Years. Nine of the top 15 models are the same brand; maybe you can guess which one it is.

The British Once Built a 1100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India. Built to thwart smuggling, it was more trouble than they expected.

Jeff Bezos is Now the Richest Person Ever, But Only Because Bill Gates is So Generous. Christmas shopping put the Amazon founder's net worth past $105 billion.

Meanwhile, Amazon has received more than $1 billion in tax breaks, and the government is also funding food stamps for many of its workers. 

Dressing Up to Get Your Driver's License Picture Made? With this family, it's a wacky tradition.

Names Written in Blood. Political prisoners in Syria devised a way to sneak a list of names out, so their families would know they were alive.

Berlin Artists Transform Hateful Swastika Graffiti Into Creative Works of Friendly Street Art. The sad part is that there are this many swastikas to cover.

99% of These Sea Turtles Are Turning Female. Climate change is causing it.

He found a bunch of fake security cameras at Goodwill. What he did with them is priceless.

Enough Is Enough. We Need to Elect More Scientists to Congress. (via TYWKIWDBI)

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